WebDesign | Professional Web Design

Web design project procedure

  1. Acquiring customer's need
  2. Customer's needs analysis
  3. Consultation and determination about website features
  4. Making prototype
  5. Design the graphical template
  6. Client-side programming (HTML, CSS & JS)
  7. Server-side programming and website implementation
  8. Upload the site and delivering beta version
  9. Explaining control panel to the client
  10. testing and debugging
  11. delivering final version
  12. Starting technical support phase

Why Yekta Pardaz?

  • According to our experience in implementing a large number of websites, we can really help customers in requirements analysis and changing their ideas to reality.
  • Designers in this company are very sensitive about website graphical design to make balance between data architecture, usability and uniqueness of the sites.  
  • As mentioned before, usability and visitors ease of use has always been an important topic for us.
  • We use state of the art method for programming our sites in order to be shown properly in different browsers, platforms and devices.
  • We always take care of the search engine optimization (SEO) considerations in all steps of programming and implementation of the website.
  • Administration panel is also created and developed by ourselves in order to be very easy to use and time saving.
  • In programming and implementation phase, we consider all the issues about catching (making pages faster and lighter), data-base normalization and also security.
  • YektaPardaz consider support and guaranty as a very important matter, so after completing the implementation phase and delivering the website, it ensures the clients to deliver support services.
  • Business consultants in YektaPardaz offer useful explanations and guidelines for the content managers of the sites in order to make the context more readable and more valuable for the search engines.